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Aroma Nail Spa - How To Apply Nail Stickers Like A Pro - nail salon 89117


Aroma Nail Spa - How To Apply Nail Stickers Like A Pro - nail salon 89117

How to Apply Nail Stickers | Everything You Need to Know

What You’ll Need:
silicone tool
nail stickers

Step 1: Clean and Dry Your Nails

Make sure to groom your nails first before applying the stickers. It is very important that your nails are clean and dry. If you previously had nail polish on, make sure it is completely removed, or else, the stickers may lose adhesiveness. The sticker won’t fit properly and the sides will probably lift up.

Step 2: Measure Which Sticker and Nail Fit Together

Remove the stickers from the packaging and measure which nail would fit each sticker perfectly. If you have sweaty hands and you’re afraid the stickers will lose adhesiveness, you can use tweezers to lift your chosen nail stickers from their sheet. I suggest holding onto the edges once the sticker is very near to your nail.

Step 3: Place Nail Stickers

Person's left hand showing white nail polish stickers | How To Apply Nail Stickers | Step By Step Guide
You might not get this perfect the first time but just measure as evenly as possible. Just remember to place the nail stickers very gently on your nail so it would be easy to reposition in case you miss it. Once you’re good with the position, start pressing it down for at least a minute.

Step 4: Smoothen it Out to Avoid Air Bubbles

It is very important to smoothen the stickers out to prevent air bubbles from forming. Be sure not to miss this step since it will cause slight bubbling in the topcoat. You can use a silicone tool to do the job since it won’t cause any damage to the stickers. Its soft surface guarantees the sticker will lay flat on your nails.

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Step 5: Trim the Edges

Once done, you now have to trim the excess stickers. Carefully trim the edges so they would fit your nails nicely. Be careful as you go along the edges and the nail bed. You want to prevent any cuts since that’s going to mess up the sticker. Finish it off by cutting the excess at the top by using a nail clipper or scissors.

Step 6: Apply Top Coat

To further improve the quality of the stickers, you can apply a topcoat, which could be gel or shellac, over every sticker to seal and protect it. This also helps the stickers last longer and smoothens the edges of the stickers.

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